Exotic Citee Farm

Bathing Asian Elephant

Have you Herd of Cows?

Where are the other animals supposed to live when humans encroach on their space. All of us creatures of nature need time for solitude, socialization and of course spaces of our own. This is a major animal rights and environmental issue that has not been ignored. Through these posts we will carry on that torch with hopes of igniting more animal action

Many times on a issue there is the “fine line” or the “middle ground” when people just don’t know how to initiate a choice between concepts on two ends of the spectrum; what’s the alternative then? The option of choice is “HARMONY“. This is where Human Beings and their counterparts Animals live in concordance with one another; where a dance or two or three or four just may be inescapable. Of course, those miss the “light on the feet” touch just may slide over to the other end of the spectrum.

Now we’ll lay out the view from the opposite end of the spectrum. These animals are invading the Human Beings space and getting in the way of their daily lives. If only, population control was possible for some of these animals then maybe Human Beings could live happily without wondering when the next monkey is going to snatch their food or the next time they will step in cow dung. It’s a plausible thought for human being to want their citee space back.

So, the question comes down to who really is at the top of the food chain when it comes to the Exotic Citee Farm…

Hungry Street Monkey

Mouth open wide Crocodile



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