Still Motion Wall Art

Still Motion Wall Art is essentially exactly what it sounds like. My thoughts lay with the supernatural and with that I surely believe that WALLS can SPEAK and WALLS have EYES; They just need something to speak about and an audience whom they can bare witness to.

This May very well chomp away at your scruples and leave you at a loss of words but new age philosophy definitely has scientific backing. Dare not to think otherwise for we all know there is a science behind words and images.

© R.H. Jr.

So, it’s not too far fetch for an artist from North America to Africa to Asia to consider using man-made or natural walls as their canvas .  Of course, we won’t get into to legalities of it (as it is the bane of all artist existence) and simply focus on the back stories of this spiritually-marketing driven choice.

Still Motion Wall Art will provide you a taste of these wall art so maybe one day you will travel to the locations and hear them speak the tales of the art that adorns them. From a-far these may seem like fragmented concepts but once in the presence of these wall art you too may have an EYE to EYE revelation or simple art experience- it’s all about timing.




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